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After a historical 1,000-point surge, Dow drops down to a 600 point

Ups and Downs are a part of life when you are in the trading business or the stock market business. The prices are always bluffing and changing along the course of time. The amount of a share which was around $1 suddenly raises to $100 in a minute – and we never understand how and also why.

The stocks have already been ruling out on a lower scale as the holiday season is on. The trades were down too sharply over a recent period. Before we knew it was all over – suddenly the trading war between the two countries – China and the United States grew strongly and are now raised to the higher tension levels for all the shareholders and business firms.

The widely famous Dow Jones Industrial average suddenly fell to 600 points. This sudden drop has led to a significant decline over the big tech companies like Apple and Microsoft.

The S&P 500 has officially pulled back at over a percent rate of 2.8 with the consumer discretionary sector lagging behind the bars. The Nasdaq Composite has dropped down to 3.3 percent with shares of tech-related companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google-parent Alphabet. These companies have declined down to at least 3 percent in their shares.

Bellwether companies like Caterpillar, Boeing, and Deere have all fallen to more than a percent rate of 1.5 in their shares of trade.

As per strong reports from the Reuters, the citing down of the primary three sources which are familiar with the situation told the officials that President Donald Trump is planning to consider the executive order for the ban that the U.S. companies are put up to from using or selling the types of equipment built by the Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE.

But as per another report from the Donald J Trump members, this executive order would only come to use when the right time comes with these two largest world economies who are trying to strike a permanent trading deal with each other.

A 90-day grace period has also come up with an agreement for China and the United States who agreed earlier this month with the proposal.

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