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Apple iPad Pro Prone to Bending

Various reports have suggested that the recent versions of iPads launched by Apple may be prone to bending. Although this news is hardly surprising since these electronic gadgets being the 11 inches and 12.9 inch happens to be the thinnest iPad Pros that have been launched in recent times.

Various microblogging sites such as Reddit and Twitter were the first ones to confirm the news of iPad pros being bent. Later, MacRumors (a premium electronics blog focused solely on Apple products) also confirmed this news. Apart from this various top electronics gadgets reviewers and YouTubers also showed that how with some limited amount of forces, they could bend their respective expensive iPads.

On various Apple blog forums, many iPad Pro users have reported, and some even went on the extent of uploading videos by showing how without applying huge forces, they successfully bent their devices. Experts have observed that most of the users who experienced these changes are iPad Pro LTE users.

Despite so many hullabaloos being created about how quickly you can bend iPad pros; Apple has refused to see it as a widespread or a serious issue. Few experts even went on to suggest that Apple was already aware of this fact that the thinnest ever iPad pro has always been prone to bending. Further, there have been reports that few Apple users who spotted slight curves in their iPads due to bending reportedly sent these tablets back and even were offered replacements.

Later this December, Apple issued an official statement saying that few of the latest versions of iPad pros being sold or shipped had slight bent to their aluminum bodies. They have also assured that the issue is not that serious and would not become worse with time. Apple representatives also clarified that it would never affect the device’s performance in any way.

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