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Google Has the All-Important AI Edge Over Microsoft

Alphabet and Microsoft both have been playing key roles in the fields of software, Artificial Intelligence & machine learning. Both have managed to get almost similar growth profiles this year apart from similar market capitalization.

There are so many similarities in both these respective companies’ valuations that it becomes difficult to analyze that who has managed to triumph the other. But recent reports have suggested that Alphabet’s Google has the upper hand over Microsoft in the sector of Artificial Intelligence.

According to a recently released report, in the market capitalization of almost $751 billion, Microsoft had managed to overshadow the market capitalization of Google during September term where it held around 13% of the gain. In the same scenario, the Alphabet was down to 4%. For both the companies, the forward price-earnings multiples are similar due to which Microsoft is pretty cheaper. With these facts, Google finds itself at par over the revenue growth since it has been projected that Alphabet will have revenue growth of 19% in 2019 whereas Microsoft will have at 11%.

However, when you look at cloud operations, the difference between the two technology giants comes down. Although Microsoft has the upper hand in this, it doesn’t find itself in relative position with developers.

Apart from both these companies, Amazon happens to have the upper hand in deploying machine learning services for their cloud computing operations. Regarding revenue, Azure by Microsoft comes in the second position after Amazon’s web services. In this list, Google Cloud is far off with the third position. Since no one from Google or Microsoft has disclosed their revenue figures in this field, therefore it’s hard to take a decision.

For both the companies, their cloud frameworks are some of the critical assets through which they can retain or attract machine learning developers. Both Google and Microsoft have invested a significant amount in this field to maintain a good position.

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