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How Turmeric Helps You To Boost Immunity | Benefits of Curcumin

How Turmeric Helps You To Boost Immunity:

Since ancient times, turmeric has been used as a health ingredient by people who believed in healthy living. Although it was years later that the western culture came to know about the numerous health benefits of turmeric, the Indian kitchens have been familiar with turmeric (or Haldi, in the local language) for centuries. Indians use it in almost every food and the savory dish as it helps in spicing up the curry and adds nutritional value to it.

Turmeric is added with milk and warm water to help fight the common cold or flu-like symptoms. Additionally, it helps boost immunity and reduces cough, cold, and chest pains, if any. Even though the powdered form is more beneficial, the raw roots of turmeric also hold some significance. A study published in the scientific journal Public Library of Science highlighted that curcumin, a compound in turmeric, possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help strengthen immunity. Besides, turmeric is rich in anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-bacterial properties, and is also prebiotic that results in the formation of healthy gut bacteria.

Turmeric has an active element that is responsible for the anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting activities. Research states that the turmeric roots contain only 2.5% to 6% of the ingredient. The human body needs around 800mg to 1g of curcumin to show its benefits. Although the regular human diet consists of 500ms-1g of turmeric, it fails to meet the required quantities of curcumin. Hence, we need a daily intake of 20 grams of turmeric in our diet. But on the flip side, overeating turmeric is bad for our health and may have adverse effects than positive since it is hard to digest, resulting in stomach bloating and cramps.

Benefits of Curcumin

Healthcare professionals and researchers have claimed curcumin to be one of the most beneficial natural ingredients that cure major and minor health problems at home. Mentioned below is the list of some of the significant health benefits of Curcumin.

1. Anti-inflammatory properties: Many research and medical studies have suggested that inflammation is the primary factor in various chronic and terminal illnesses, including cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic syndrome, hernia, IBS, varicocele, and several others.  Curcumin is rich in antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties work similarly to that in drugs used to cure inflammation without any significant side effects. Besides, it blocks the NF-kB molecule that travels to the nuclei of cells and triggers inflammation.

2. Antioxidants: As mentioned above, curcumin is rich in antioxidants. Oxidative damage results in premature aging and other age-related diseases.  Curcumin helps regulate the early aging signs and boosts the production and functioning of the body’s antioxidant enzymes, and stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms. Besides, it blocks the body’s free radicals directly.

3. Provides Relief from Arthritis: Arthritis is a common disorder that is found in older adults. There are different types of arthritis, including joint inflammation, difficulties in movement, and daily tasks. Curcumin has abundant anti-inflammatory elements that provide relief from arthritis pain. According to studies, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have shown improvements after the intake of curcumin compared to taking other medications.

Grocare India’s Turmeric Supplement : 

Grocare India’s Turmeric Supplement possesses Natural Curcuminoids (phytonutrients) that are processed so that the body can easily digest. The phytonutrients have good absorption in comparison to the best-selling turmeric extracts.

Ingredients: Turmeric Powder, Black (Piper Nigrum) Pepper, Fortified Ghee (Clarified Butter), and Lemon (Citrus Lemon Osbeck) Juice Extract

To produce around 60g of Grocare Turmeric Extract, at least 200g of turmeric is used, which is almost four times the by-product. The extracts are then prepared and processed for more than 72 hours to increase their bioabsorption.

This product works best if 1-2 teaspoons are taken early morning or in the evening post meals. In case of further guidance from our in-house doctors, please contact us by email or phone.

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