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University News.

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The research, co-authored by UCLA professor Neil Malamuth, also found that men who buy sex are more likely chat girls orlando report having committed rape and other aggressive sexual acts. All RSS Feeds.

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His Confluence Model characterizes men who are at higher risk for committing sexual aggression. 14218 adult dating chat lines man who bought sex and was interviewed for the study compared the transaction to disposing of a coffee cup after he had finished drinking from it.

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Close menu. The researchers screened more than 1, men to reach two groups of men who were similar in age, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

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Search Newsroom Submit search. The study was funded by Hunt Alternatives, a private foundation.

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In other studies, a lower level of empathy among men has been associated with sexual aggression toward women. The men were guaranteed anonymity and each was interviewed for about two hours.

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Malamuth said the study confirmed the predictive ability of many of the risk factors for sexual aggression he has manly prostitutes for the past 35 years. The men in the writers chat were relatively knowledgeable about coercion and sex trafficking, and about many of the reasons that women entered prostitution.

Men who buy sex have much in common with sexually coercive men

The new findings support the view that prostitution is more like sexual abuse. I mean, the ones Lordstown chat teen hookup know have no self-confidence, so they feel less than a person, and more like a commodity.

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Those who buy sex, on average, have less empathy for women in prostitution and view them as intrinsically different from other women. Whether prostitution is a job or sexual abuse has long been debated.

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Stuart Wolpert August 31, Tags: psychology social sciences research public policy.