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Musk promises for Tesla Supercharger Coverage All over Europe Next Year

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO has some excellent news for those who use the company’s electric cars. On
the auspicious occasion of New Year, he has announced that by next year his company aims to cover
100% of Europe with supercharger coverage. He declared it through his official Twitter handle. He
made this announcement while replying to a user’s question who had asked whether the company
plans to install superchargers in areas of Ireland in coming time.
Currently, western European countries such as Albania, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania
and Moldova do not have superchargers installed, according to the data published by Tesla’s
supercharger map.
The Superchargers are the company’s network of electric chargers.
Through his tweet Musk emphasized various plans to focus on numerous cities so that his venture
could work with multiple landlords in order to add Tesla’s home charging unit at the apartment
buildings. It will be especially useful for those who live in rented accommodations or have parking
spaces separate from their premises. Tesla’s charging solution will be of massive help for such
In the same Twitter thread, a user informed Musk that superchargers that were planned for Austin
and San Antonio area to be installed in early 2018 had not been completed yet. In reply to this, the
Tesla empire mogul stated that soon all the highways of Texas would have superchargers installed
from Brownsville to the areas of Mexico. He also hinted that further superchargers would be
installed in various places across the African continent in 2020. As per the latest reports, there are
no superchargers in Africa.
Elon Musk had launched a network of superchargers in 2012 so that its electric vehicles owners
could travel long distances without any hassle. If a driver charges his car using a supercharger for 30
minutes, then it may add around 170 miles of driving.
Till the end of 2018, Tesla has more than 11,500 superchargers installed across the globe.

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