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NASA to invite firms with planetary ambition

Some time back NASA had announced names of nine different tech companies which were eligible for delivering payloads on the robotic lander to our nearest celestial body – the moon. Several tech hotshots had expressed their views on this.

The CEO of Paragon Space Development Corp Grant Anderson had stated that this move by NASA had opened gates of opportunities for those companies who wish to invest in commercial technology in Space. He happens to be moon space teammate under CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services). Some companies from across the world had competed in NASA’s lunar expeditions where the space giant association has invested billions of dollars.

The nine companies which NASA had selected for participation in its CLPS program are Lockheed Martin, Orbit Beyond, Moon Express, Deep Space System, Intuitive Machines, Deep Space Systems, Draper, Astrobotic Technology and Masten Space System.

Sources have stated that all of sudden NASA has opened a plethora of opportunities for the companies across the world that have interests in space technologies. CLPS will be an excellent program for these space companies.

Electronics technological giants such as Apple and Microsoft had initiated to foster the ecosystem of Information Technology. As of now, the nine companies have started their initiatives to seed this lunar exploration program.

The company General Atomics will look after the manufacturing of lunar lander mission, integration, testing and assembly for Draper, one of the selected companies. It will build and design small satellites. For this company, CLPS happens to be a way to expand their portfolio in the space domain.

Another selected company Lockheed Martin specializes in building, testing, designing planetary spacecraft. In case of any external requirement, it will reach out to McCandless Lunar Lander that has supported previous such initiatives.

Similarly, Moon Express will work on the project named Odyssey software and stimulate expertise with other companies in case of external support requirement.

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