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Prediction of the digs over the competitions in the coming year 2019 is made early by T-mobile’s CEO

With the growing rate of excellence in the competitive world – a lot of things have changed. The process and progress of the same companies have also taken a turn over the past several years. A minimum wage of the same percentage rate has initially come down over the years.

Trying to wage down these digs in this competitive world which has grown over a large scale of the T-mobile with the identity as the best company in the mobile network market. IT has also dropped all their ways that they had been making their references about their Un-carrier.

It would probably come as a no surprise to us when the company’s craziest CEO John Legere states his predictions for the coming year 2019. The company has been dominated over large measures with the in shots the officials have been taking over at their rivals like Verizon and AT&T.

This crazy CEO has shared a top list of all the ten predictions for the coming year over his official Twitter account. Legere has been arguing over the services over the blasting of the cable TV industry which is provided by the mobile officials.

The company has also been trying to disrupt their cable TV offerings within the horizons that they have hinted in the coming year. The company is set to launch their new deals with a bunch of new sets for the 2019 launch.

The first acquisition of T-Mobile’s has been the Layer3 TV which was for $325 million in the year 2017. The same buyer of the Un-carrier said that it would help and ease out their good chances of becoming a cable player. Legere has also promised that in the coming year, the first step which would be taken by the company would be another stupid, broken, arrogant industry — may be the most ignorant, brokenness, the most arrogant industry of all which is Cable and satellite TV.

Over a contrary note, he has not included any other details in his post about the service and all the specifics that he is going to be crowning over the cable TV industry.

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