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Tesla’s global sales director quit the company for rival Airbnb

In this business age, everyone has some friends and some rivalries. You cannot grow forward in any kind of work you do until and unless there’s a strong competitor standing in front of you. Even if the competitor is strong, one must analyze the situation according to which the settlement of the following game can be lead to.

Some chose it to keep it down the road while some are bang on over the game. He who chooses wisely is the winner. So, this time Airbnb has quite played it wisely it seems. The senior sales executive of Tesla – Dan Kim has left the company for Airbnb.

Kim joined Tesla back in the month of January. He was working well with the company and was the most efficient worker they have ever had. But due to some unfortunate reasons, he left Tesla for an online travel site named Airbnb.

Dan Kim updated his LinkedIn page with the information of the new company he’s been working with. Earlier the same list provided information of him as the former head of global sales, marketing, and delivery operations at Tesla.

He quit the job last month. All his work is now being handled by the workers who were working along with him in his team. Tesla has been trying to ignore the matter with its remarks. Airbnb has also chosen not to respond over this matter.

According to his LinkedIn profile, before Kim started working for Tesla, he had some major executive roles in marketing at Solera. This is a company that makes vehicle analytics.

On the other hand, Tesla has been under serious intense turnover over its rankings. According to reports, Jim Chanos who is a short seller made out a list about the company and it showed that it had lost more than 40 executives in the year 2018.

Recently in November, a report was also made where it showed that a lot of main people who are working as a support system for the company have been relocating to other companies. Now it’s only them who knows the flaws and we cannot comment if who’s the good one here.

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