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Thailand has received their new year’s gift earlier this year, and it is none other than Marijuana.

As we all know that Marijuana is not legal in a lot of countries, medical marijuana has been used in a lot of drug formations, and it is the most used for the treatment protocol of cancer.

After a lot of chaos, Thailand has finally approved the use of marijuana for medical use. This drug is ultimately a legal drug in the state of a region where the most crucial and strict law acts over drugs is applied.

A junta-appointed parliament in Thailand approved. This is known as a country which has a tradition from the 1930s of using marijuana for relieving-releasing pain and fatigue in the human body. The state has also been handling the Narcotic Act of 1979. As the holiday season is on, the officials had an extra-parliamentary session rush with all the bills and papers before the New Year holidays.

In a televised parliamentary session – the chairman of the drafting committee, Somchai Sawangkarn said, “Consider this as a New Year’s gift to the Thai people and also the government from the National Legislative Assembly.”

A lot of countries like Colombia, Canada have legalized marijuana for its medical and also recreational use while a lot of other countries have been still wondering about the sound effects it would create in the treatment panel of patients suffering from various diseases.

The drug is illegal across most parts of Southeast Asia. Some countries have some world’s craziest and harshest punishment for the use of criminal drug law violations. While in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, trafficking of marijuana can lead to a death penalty.

The main controversy that lies in Thailand is that the legalization which has involved the patent requests are by a lot of foreign firms. They are supposedly allowed to dominate the market by making it harder for Thai patients and researchers to have access to these medicines and also the extracts of marijuana

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